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Coastal Wellness Center is an alternative health care provider. We take a holistic approach to helping you improve your body function, health, and wellness.

Our Mission

We hope to provide our clients with a completely different type of chiropractic, massage, and wellness experience. We take the time to understand the specific issues you are dealing with and formulate a plan to effectively and efficiently retore your health.

Our Vision

We strive to provide an unparalleled wellness experience to each one of our clients. We’ll address your specific concerns and provide you with an environment where your mind, body, and spirit can thrive. We are dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself, one treatment at a time.


A Family Business

Coastal Wellness at its core is a family business. We apply family values to how we run our office. Expect a warm welcoming environment where you will get the personalized attention you deserve. We take the time to get to know our clients and we treat you like a member of the family.

Putting our Patients First

Our practitioners have 50 years of combined clinical experience. We are focused on your unique wellness requirements. We are not just crack your back chiropractors. We develop comprehensive treatment plans to work on muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. We are thorough in listening to your concerns and specifically addressing them. We won’t rush you in and rush you out of the office. We offer 15-minute visits to have enough time to spend on your trouble areas.

A Growing Team of Practioners

Coastal Wellness Center continues to expand. We are a growing team of practitioners. We are in the process of expanding our team to provide you with even more care options. We firmly believe that we can offer you more value through our extensive list of wellness products and services.


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What Makes Coastal Wellness Center Unique?

We take a gentler approach to our chiropractic care using many different soft tissue techniques. We
focus on providing you with overall wellness care and look for the root of the issue. For us its about correcting the issue and not just providing temporary relief.

What Can I Expect On My First Visit To A Chiropractor?

You will be greeted by our team and be asked to fill out a new patient form. You will answer questions related to your health and the reason you are seeking care. Our practitioners will complete a thorough health assessment and discuss your health. You will receive your first treatment and we will provide you with a suggested care plan to follow.

What Are The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is about a lot more than cracking your neck or back. It helps to restore alignment in the body allowing it to function properly. Chiropractors can treat you for a wide variety of health issues including stress, sleep, range of motion, headaches, anxiety, athletic performance, and so much more.

Do I Need A Massage Or Chiropractor?

Every client is different. Your need for treatment depends on the source of the pain. Muscle issues are often remedied with massage therapy. But pain related to poor posture, an injury, or body misalignment is often best served by chiropractic treatment. Massage and chiropractic adjustments can also work in unison to help you improve your health.


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